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Beam Skills

The following are terms unique to Beam:

Gurova - with the board placed to the side of the beam, round-off onto the board, back handspring with a full twist to catch the beam in front support to back hip circle under the beam (also performed by Aleftina Prakhina and Elena Zamolodchikova - but only occasionally in the latter case. Like a Teza as a mount).

Milosovici - Round-off onto the board (placed at the end of the beam) - tuck-open to straddle sit (like the Chen).

Shushunova - press to planche.

Chen - very similar to a Korbut, in this skill, the gymnast jumps higher and tucks her body before landing in a straddled sit on the beam. A Chen is now a very common element being used in combination by Maria Olaru (ROM), Simona Amanar (ROM), Elena Zamolodchikova (RUS) and Yvonne Tousek (CAN). In a similar skill called a Rueda, the gymnast pikes her body. Lilia Podkopayeva did a Rueda from two backhandsprings.

Gainer - instead of taking off for a back handspring or layout from two feet, the gymnast swings one foot along the side of the beam before taking off. Svetlana Khorkina is well known for her use of these elements.

Korbut - the gymnast dives backwards with straight or arched body, briefly supports herself on the beam with her hands, and then swings down to sit on the beam in straddle position. The Korbut, like the Chen, is used in many combination passes.

Planche - taken from men's rings, this element requires the gymnast hold her body at a near-horizontal angle.

Omelianchik - backhandspring with twists, landing in side handstand.

Rulfova - Korbut with a full twist - one of the most difficult elements done on beam today. To do a Rulfova, the gymnast dives backward and does a full twist before briefly supporting herself with her hands and then lowering down to straddle the beam. Many gymnasts use this skill today, because it is so valuable. Kristen Maloney (USA), Svetlana Khorkina (RUS), and Ling Jie (CHN) use Rulfovas.

Tousek - back-handspring in side position.

Yurchenko Loop - this is like a side-ways Korbut. The gymnast stands facing outwards, then dives backwards to briefly support herself on the beam and lowers down to a front support, usually followed by a back hip circle. (Please note that this skill is not actually named after Yurchenko in the CoP). Yang Yun is one of the only gymnasts to do this element recently. Elvire Teza added a full twist to this move.

The Humphrey - The gymnast leaps up from the side and positions their body in the lunge position. The gymnast immediately spins three times following. This unique mounting skill was created by Terin Humphrey (USA).

Miller: A beam maneuver in which the gymnast does a back dive with a quarter twist to a handstand followed by a half pirouette. Invented by Shannon Miller (USA).

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