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Tumbling Skills

The following are terms common in Tumbling (on floor) and as Dismounts on beam and bars:

Double full or double twist - a backward salto with two twists.

Triple full or triple twist - a backward salto with three twists.

Double back - backwards double flipping salto. Can be used in the tuck, pike or layout positions. Andreea Raducan (ROM), Vanessa Atler (USA), and Simona Amanar (ROM) do double layouts.

Full-in - double back salto with a full twist in the first flip. In a full-out, the gymnast does the full twist in the second salto.

Double-double - a double back salto with two twists. It is most commonly performed with one twist in each flip (full-in-full-out) but can also be done with both twists in the first or both in the last flip (double full-in or a double full-out). Elena Zamolodchikova (RUS) does a tuck full-in-full-out.

Punch Front - a front salto with take-off from two feet. Usually done out of other tumbling elements for bonus on floor. Can be done in tuck, pike, or layout position.

Rudi - forward salto with 1 twists

Double front - forwards double flipping salto. Elena Produnova (RUS) uses a double front. Can also be done with a twist out as Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR) used to do. It is almost always done in the tucked position

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